Clean & Clear Terms & Conditions, Please Review Before Placing Order

Read the terms and conditions of our website carefully and make sure you agree with our policies afore making any acquirements or imbursements:

  • Prices And Payment: There are many packages available for you to benefit from each having different rates. You can choose from them based on your necessities and have to pay accordingly. Whichever package is elected, you will have to pay 50% of the entire cost in advance. Once the project is completed a preview is sent to you for sanction. Then the final project is delivered on the attainment of full payment.

Legal action will be taken in case of any unlawful transaction placement.

  • Project Delivery Timings: Usually, our gifted and exceptional squad takes around 4-5 weeks to complete a whiteboard project. However it also depends on your demands, revisions and inevitable natural disasters. You will be informed through email as soon as possible, if any of the latter circumstances befall.
  • Marketable Or Commercial Use: We on no occasion use your ordered video for commercial or profit-making purposes. In addition, if you wish to own the source document you will be bestowed with that.
  • Privacy And Confidentiality: Any personal information you impart will be kept private and confidential. From the beginning till the end your information will stay your sole possessions. Nevertheless, this covenant does not sanction any partnership or mutual venture authorities to the clients. Neither has it permitted any ownership or any kind of license or assets rights.
  • Order Cancellation: If you wish to cancel an order you placed formerly then an engraved notice is obligatory within 15 days from the date of order placement. Once an order cancellation notice is acknowledged the order that was being processed is ceased straightaway. Furthermore, the personal information that was being used to keep the client up-to-date is also instantaneously
  • Repayment Policy: In undesirable circumstances where a client is not satisfied with outcome of his/her investment, then we hold out repayment option for such clients. Nonetheless this option is not valid if the client presented incorrect information or when the fault is at the clients end.
  • Prevailing Law: The USA decree applies here. All the client agreements, rights, compulsions are administered by the USA law and commandments. If in any case some quarrel regarding the user agreement arises then the courts have exclusive prerogative over these issues.
  • Agreement Adjustment Authority: In the event of any agreement’s provision being illegitimate or unenforceable, the residual provisions will not be effected and will be practiced uninterruptedly. Only the official accredited representatives possess the authority to make amendments or any alterations in the agreement via written and signed sanction. No other personnel are allowable to do adjustments in the agreement, whatever the case may be.

Lest any questions or issues ascend in regard with our terms and conditions contact us at your issue will be dealt with instantly. However, once an order has been placed, the client then has no authority to question any terms or any element of the agreement.

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