Our Video Creation Process

VideoExplainerz.Com: How It Works – The Inside Story

Scripting Writing:

The script is constructed on the bases of your ideas and longings. Our professional scripters renovate your complex corporate notions in to simpler and more conveyable messages. Moreover, if you are interested in bringing-in your own scripts requiring improvements then visit us straight away. We would be delighted to add in the special touch you necessitate for your script. As our writers know what exactly, does a script demands in order to stand out among the rest. We guarantee you a script that perfectly engraves your corporate ideas, meets your anticipations, engages your targeted audience, and is fun!

Sketch/ Storyboard Demonstration:

Once your ideas are well scripted and approved, next we work on the story board. Our artists fabricate a sketch story board based on the script. This makeover from a script to a story board is intricately done. We make sure that the story board illuminates your video matter brilliantly. Also it works for your advantage. You get to envision your video scribe before we add animations to it. So in case you would like to make any adjustments at this point, you can.

This sketch storyboard gives you a clear picture of the final product along with the duration of the video.

Voice-over Election For Your Video:

After storyboard the next thing in line is finding the most appropriate voice over artist for your explainer video. It is mandatory that the voice over used has the right appeal, accent, and clarity of speech looked-for to convey the message. The audience should feel allied to the product and the video. So we pay attention to the finest details thinkable while recording.

Whiteboard Animations:

Now comes, the animation process. We furnish state-of-the-art graphics with high detail pictorial effects. We make sure that the most apt speed for animation is incorporated with accuracy. Also you can participate in electing music for your audio-visual. There are plentiful styles for you to choose from.

Delivery Of The Finalized Product

Once the script, storyboard, voice-over and animations are done the video is sent to the editors. The editing department focuses on all the necessary bits to create a well polished and cultured completed product. When the video is approved error free and is in accordance with the client’s anticipations only then it is handed over to the client. Quality is never compromised at videoexplainerz.com so order now and relish the triumph with our high resolution animated web videos.

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